Nayanthara - Vallavan

Nayanthara in Vallavan

Nayanthara in the Film Vallavan Vallavan, a Tamil movie written and directed by T.R. Silambarasan in which he himself with Nayanthara, Reema Sen and Sandhya acted in the leading roles. The film is a super-hit in Tamil Nadu and hits the box-office with its maximum impact on the youth. It was later dubbed in Telugu, entitled as Vallabha. The theme describes the story of a happy school-going student named Vallavan(T.R. Silambarasan) who had two friends Bala(Santhanam) and Suji(Sandhya). Once they came to a temple where Vallavan noticed Swapna(Nayanthara) to whom he got attracted and fell in love. Vallavan got excited when he came to know that Swapna was his teacher at the school. He decided to convince her to fall in love with him by changing his identity to Pallavan (who was a ugly guy). Finally the two couple fell in love and the relation come to sex relation. When Swapna came to know all the things Pallavan has done to her and his identity she got angry upon him and ends up the relation and decided to marry another guy.  This made him very much insulted. Then he came to meet a girl named Geetha(Reema Sen), a hysteric one who again creates problems in his life. Nayanthara plays a nice role in the film. As there are lots of things to see and feel in the movie.

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